Philippe Meister

Portfolio of work in User Experience Research, Design, and Evaluation

I have a Ph.D. and four years of professional experience in the design and evaluation of user interfaces. Through my training and experience, I have developed the knowledge, skills, and abilites to create interfaces which are fit to people. The selected portfolio projects provide examples my work to conduct user research, design user interfaces, and evaluate user interfaces. For a list of my work experiences, please view my LinkedIn Profile.

Augmented Reality Aviation Weather Training

The following items represent my work conducting rigorous user research for product development and academic publication. Each item describes a different phase of my research into the benefits of using augmented reality for general aviation weather training.

Thunderstorm Visualization

Design and evaluation of the interfaces students use to interact with an augmeted reality thunderstorm model (part 1 of 3).

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Thunderstorm Learning Activities

Design and evaluation of the interfaces students use to complete augmented reality learning activities (part 2 of 3).

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Thunderstorm Learning Module

Design of an augmented reality enhanced learning module and evaluation of it against a print module (part 3 of 3).

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Personal and Commercial Insurance

The following items represent work conducting various aspects of user experience design in the insurance industry.

Policy Interfaces for Agents

Design and evaluation of the interfaces agents use to access policies.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping how agents experience submitting new commerical business.

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Insured Portal Discovery Research

Discovery research to inform design decisions about the insured portal.

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Preliminary Intranet Accessibility Evaluation

A preliminary (non-user) evaluation of the IMT intranet focused on accessibility for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

View the access evaluation

Design System Color Contrast Evaluation

An evaluation of color contrast in the design system components to meet WCAG level AA guidelines.

View the color evaluation

A New Customer Experience Program

Planning and developing a new customer experience program for IMT to better serve its customers.

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Design System for GVL Software

Creating the foundations of a design system for GVL's web-based products.

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