Philippe Meister

User Experience Design and Research Portfolio

I am a user experience (UX) designer and researcher with PhD-level expertise in human-computer interaction and five years of professional experience. My focus is making digital systems effective, efficient, and satisfactory for users. I use established methods and best practices when available to increase the reliability of the process and trust in the design. My recent work focuses on designing and evaluating a new platform for quoting and servicing all lines of property and casualty insurance. My previous work focused on designing and evaluating new augmented reality learning experiences for general aviation pilots. The projects below provide examples my work. Please view my LinkedIn profile for a list of my work experiences and my Google Scholar profile for a list of my publications.

Augmented Reality Aviation Weather Training

Learning Interfaces

Design and preliminary evaluation of the interfaces for an augmeted reality thunderstorm model.

View the interfaces project

Learning Experiences

Design and formative evaluation of the activities students complete to learn about thunderstorms.

View the activities project

Learning Module

Design and summative evaluation of an augmented reality interactive print learning module.

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Personal and Commercial Insurance

IMT Platform Interfaces

Design and evaluation of the interfaces agents use to access policies.

View the policy interfaces project

Journey Mapping

Mapping how commercial agents experience submitting new business.

View the mapping project

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility conformance testing the public website.

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