Philippe Meister's Portfolio

Hi, my name is Philippe Meister, PhD, and I am a user experience (UX) professional with experience in reserach, design, and evaluation. The main items in this portfolio showcase my recent work to design and evaluate augmented reality weather training for general aviation.

Main items

Thunderstorm Visualization

This work designed and evaluated a 3D AR thunderstorm visaulization for general aviation weather training (part 1 of 3).

Thunderstorm Learning Activities

This work designed and evaluated augmented reality (AR) learning activities for GA weather training (part 2 of 3).

Thunderstorm Learning Module

This work designed an AR-enhanced learning module and evaluated it against a traditional module (part 3 of 3).

Additional items

GVL Design System

As a user experience intern, my primary project was to document existing practices and develop new pracitices associated with a design system.

GVL branding

Snow Stomper

Snow Stomper is a manual snow removal tool that shifts the stress from the back to the legs. This tool is designed to decrease the number of snow removal back injuries that occur every year.


Courselink is a professional development platform for college students. Its helps students track the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have learned in each course. It helps them to use what they have learned to plan their career.

Kitchen Builder

Kitchen builder is a home design application that we used to test whether users prefer low- or high-fidelity graphics for their initial room-generation workflow in these types of applications.